Hair care for people who care.

Fight waste and solve the 3 billion plastic-bottle-issue with zero plastic, no-waste shampoo bars designed for soft, smooth and healthy hair and a clean, lush planet.

Hair Care for People Who Care

Fight waste and solve the 3 billion plastic-bottle-issue with zero plastic, no-waste shampoo bars designed for soft, smooth and healthy hair and a clean, lush planet.


Salon-grade shampoo without plastic, waste, or harmful ingredients.


1 bar equals 2 bottles of 8.4oz shampoo.
Great value, fair price.


Vegan, plant-based, and cruelty-free. 100% recyclable packaging. 


We remove 1 lb of plastic from our oceans for every bar sold.

Find your bar

(1 bar = 2 bottles of shampoo)

How-to Hair

All you need is hair and water to get started!


Wet your hair and the bar


Massage the bar over your hair to form a lather


Massage the lather into your hair and scalp



Easy peasy.

Hair Caring

Three billion plastic shampoo bottles are manufactured in the world every year. Over 2 billion end up in landfill or oceans. We developed a natural, vegan, cruelty-free shampoo that solves this issue by avoiding new plastic bottles AND cleaning up our competitors鈥 mess. Here's how鈥

Designed for you 

Natural, vegan, cruelty-free, and PH-balanced 

Proprietary ingredient blends tailored to your hair type 

 No silicones, SLS, SLES, parabens, preservatives, synthetic colors or fragrances 

 Optimal grip for no slip lathering & shampooing 

 TSA approved and travel-friendly

Optimized for the planet

Plastic and waste-free with biodegradable run-off

Water-free, creating a low shipping footprint and avoiding water waste 

1-for1 Program: we remove one pound of ocean plastic with every bar sold (that equals 55 empty water bottles)

Only recycled & recyclable packaging and shipping materials

Shower to the People!

鈥淲OW! I bought this to reduce my plastic use and am very positively surprised with the results. The lather is GREAT and my hair feels super soft and smooth.鈥

-Jennifer, NYC

鈥淭he best shampoo bar I have used and even better than my bottled shampoo. It鈥檚 great to be able to help the environment in such a simple way. It鈥檚 not cheap but it lasts a long time. Not going back!鈥 

-Kim, CA

鈥淟athers well and makes my hair feel great. I like that I can use the same product for my hair and my body. Will buy again.鈥

-Jacob, AZ

鈥淚 have colored hair, but I bought the normal bar for my daughter and the thinning bar for my husband. Amazing how effective each one is!鈥 

-Naomi, Florida

Let's Take Action

Join us as we chart a new course in the beauty industry.


Water is earth鈥檚 most valuable resource and shouldn鈥檛 be wasted in bottled shampoo just to create shelf presence for more sales. Our shampoos are water-free鈥攖here鈥檚 plenty of water in you shower! And not shipping water also reduces weight and thus carbon shipping emissions.


We use absolutely NO plastic in our products. In addition, we remove one pound of ocean plastic for every bar you buy! To date, our partner network has removed 18 million pounds of plastic from our oceans.


Sign up for updates on ocean clean-up progress, new products, and ideas for living a carbon-reduced lifestyle. 

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